Talking about my friends


I happened to be watching TV this afternoon while doing a couple of other things that didn’t require my full attention and caught about 3/4 of the movie, Marley and Me. Kind of a sappy movie, if you ask me (I’m not a dog lover), but it got me thinking about columnists and bloggers and blogging.

If I was going to treat this blog as my own personal column, what do I have to share that’s interesting? I’m not much of a traveler – too much work, if you ask me. My children are all now young adults, so there’s not much material there. I could probably dredge up some stories about working at home with young children, but it’s not very contemporary (or, possibly, very interesting!). I have cats, but they’re getting somewhat older and mostly what they do is sleep. And let’s face it – cats don’t generally provide the kind of entertainment that dogs do, especially a high-energy dog like Marley. My life has slowed down to the point that I don’t work that much and mostly what I do is manage web sites, clean house, cook and bake. My goal with housework is to do it as quickly, efficiently and infrequently as possible;  that’s going to make it a somewhat limited topic, even supposing anyone is interested. And there are plenty of bloggers who do a much better job in the cooking and baking category. I don’t consider myself especially funny.

My friends, however, lead full and active lives. One loves to travel. Even when she’s not traveling, she seems to constantly get into truth-is-stranger-than-fiction situations. One has tweenagers – always an interesting age. Several of my friends have dogs. One has a whole farm! However, I’m not sure how they’d feel about being the topic of my blog, even if I tried to anonymize their identity. How would you feel if I told you I don’t have a dog to write about, so I’m writing about you instead? 🙂 They might stop talking to me altogether!

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