A Real Piece of Work (The Dakota Stevens Mysteries) by Chris Orcutt

Title: A Real Piece of Work (The Dakota Stevens Mysteries)
Author: Chris Orcutt
Available from: Amazon

I absolutely love this book. I’m a little in love with Dakota Stevens. Svetlana scares me; at the same time, I want to be her.

The characters are marvelous and the story, told in first person by Dakota Stevens, former FBI agent and now private investigator, is smart and funny. I was surprised at how sad I was for him at the end.

The only thing I predicted in advance was what would happen to Shay. Otherwise, there was one surprise after another and I totally didn’t see what would happen in the end.

I really don’t want to give away much. I’m going to be recommending this book to everyone I know because the author says the next Dakota Stevens novel won’t be published until this one has sold 1000 copies – and I’m anxious to read the next installment in what will hopefully be a very successful series.

The price, at $4.99, is just right. Don’t let the fact that this is Chris Orcutt’s first novel put you off. This book is well-written and well told.

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1 thought on “A Real Piece of Work (The Dakota Stevens Mysteries) by Chris Orcutt”

  1. Thank you for the marvelous review, Julie! I’m glad that you and other readers have had such strong positive reactions to Dakota and Svetlana. I am hard at work rewriting book #2, The Rich Are Different, and I hope readers enjoy that one as much as the first. —Chris

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