The Journey by John Heldt


The Mine - John HeldtTitle: The Journey
Author: John Heldt
Available from: Amazon

I was asked by the author to review this book and received a free copy of the book in exchange.

When I agreed to review this book, I kind of wondered where the author was going with it. Would it be a sequel? A prequel? Would it have some of the same characters as The Mine? Interestingly, none of the above. Although the theme is similar, this is a completely different story thanĀ The Mine.

It’s similar in that the main character, Michelle “Shelly” Preston is thrown back in time. It’s different in that this time, the character encounters the younger version of herself. She gets to view her life through the lens of an experienced adult who actually lived it – and wishes things could have been different.

It raises the question of whether we would change our lives if we could. Can Shelly influence her younger self and point her in a different direction – andĀ should she?

I enjoyed the book. It’s well written and well paced, and with an ending that really surprised me. (No spoilers!)

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