Thailand: The process of elimination

When considering writing on this topic, I tried to approach it without being squeamish or delicate, because elimination is something everyone does, I found it difficult, maybe because I grew up in a generation that was squeamish about any bodily function and didn’t discuss any of them unless with family members or someone with MD […]


This is Thailand: Hotels

This is Thailand. My son tells me there’s a hashtag for it: #tit What it really means is: This is not the West. Where this really hit me was in my interactions and experience with the hospitality industry in Thailand. I’m not talking about the Renaissance¬†– it’s a 5-star hotel in the most populous city […]

Will and Nolan on Bangkok Sky Walk

Bangkok: Welcome to Thailand

I’d just like to note, for the record, that if the pictures I post here don’t include all my children, it’s because¬†some of them (or all of them at times, or any mix of the three) can be darn uncooperative about spontaneous photography. For example, after arriving in Bangkok and checking into the hotel, we […]

Bangkok flight

Things I learned about international travel

I’m new at the whole worldwide travel thing, so forgive me if I’m just now learning what everyone else knows. I did my homework on Google, however. Either I didn’t search for the right things or I didn’t scroll through enough pages to find the right things, If neither is correct, then I’m going to […]