Dead Set on Tuesday by Tom Szollosi


Dead Set on Tuesday by Tom SzollosiTitle: Dead Set on Tuesday
Author: Tom Szollosi
Available from: Amazon

I purchased this book because I read another book by this author (The Proving) and was instantly a fan.

Reading a book by Tom Szollosi is like all my favorite things rolled up into one experience, but it’s also a master class in crafting and writing a story. After I finish reading his books, I feel like I should take a break from reading to let the memory fade a bit and give the author of the next book I read a fighting chance in comparison.

The story starts out at a dead run and doesn’t let up. Wagner Curry, a drug mule working for the Los Angeles-based Coke Machine, is in New Orleans. It’s Fat Tuesday and a hit man is trying to complete a contract on him. Wagner manages to survive and fate puts him in front of Jackie Del Fain, who becomes his tool for revenge. Wagner and Jackie travel to Los Angeles, and the Tuesday Murders begin.

Szollosi’s characters come to life, populating the landscape of Los Angeles and the story with victims, perpetrators, and cops. Louie Wall takes center stage as a┬ácop with a stain on his record who is, in spite of his flaws, the Constant Cop and a damn good one. I really hope Szollosi plans on a serial featuring Louie Wall; it would be a shame to masterfully create such a compelling character, only to let him come to life in one book.

This author deserves a fanatical following of mystery/thriller fans. The story and the storytelling are masterful. These are can’t-put-it-down books, an E-ticket ride on the dark side for a bargain price. Put this author on your must-read list and start enjoying some of the best books you’ll ever read.

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