Coming of Age… Again by Carol Mizrahi


Coming of Age Again by Carol MizrahiTitle: Coming of Age… AGAIN
Author: Carol B. Mizrahi
Available from: Amazon

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

This is a pleasant story about four women who met the first day in kindergarten and nearly 60 years later still meet once a week to play mah jongg and catch up their lives. It’s about how things change and how things stay the same and how you’re never too old to “come of age.”

This is a well-written, light read with interesting characters. Readers will probably recognize at least one person they know in the personalities of these women and the people in their lives.

I like that it’s written about “women of a certain age,” which isn’t often seen in chick lit. I especially relate because I’m getting to “that age!”

I don’t often read chick lit but I enjoyed this book and think most women, especially those of us past middle age, will also like it.

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