Cold Play by Winona Kent


Title: Cold Play
Author: Winona Kent
Available from: Amazon

I received this book from the author with a request for review.

I liked this book from the very start. The setting is marvelous and unusual: a vintage cruiser ship currently doing 7-day Alaskan cruises. Jason, an entertainer on the cruise ship, is the story’s narrator. He has a great voice with a gentle sense of humor that shows in his observations of his life, fellow crew members and the passengers, and frequently about himself.

This is not a thrill-a-second story. Rather, it slowly unfolds and reveals more layers of intrigue. However, it never felt slow to me. Jason is a good story teller and pretty much the book could have been about nothing more than life on a cruise ship and it would’ve been interesting. Pointless, but interesting. Fortunately for us readers, however, ┬áthere’s more to this story than life on a cruise ship. The pace continues to pick up as events twist and turn to the final revelations in the end. Nothing horribly surprising – unexpected, but not surprising – but well told and compelling enough to keep me turning pages until I was finally done. I’d actually look forward to another book featuring this character, but this one doesn’t really hint at a sequel or leave much mystery for another.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it’s a good value for the price.

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