Social Media and the Glib Meme

My friends on Facebook might have noticed: I am on a mission to root out sharing of memes that are false, partly false, intentionally misleading, etc. I don’t care what it’s about. I’d apologize to any of my Facebook friends who are annoyed or just downright pissed off at me about it, but the apology […]


Waking to Privilege: Part Three

I want to share what led me to move from pretty conservative to a more moderate position. It’s undeniable: people believe in different things. At a very late stage in my life, I realized that I had never questioned what been taught to me by my family and influenced by the social environment I grew […]

Waking to Privilege Part Two

Waking to Privilege: Part Two (for women)

Whenever someone says there is no such thing as white privilege, whether or not they realize it they are saying they believe that everyone is treated equally and that everyone has equal opportunity and if people of color (POC) would just get over it and work harder, they would have the same things in life […]

Privilege in America

Waking up to Privilege: Part One

A little historical background about me before I get into actually what I have to say about privilege. Our own histories impact how we think and what we believe in, so bear with me. This is all part of my journey and I hope sharing it with you helps you understand how I came around […]

Black as Knight (Kenard Chronicles) by Moriah Joban

Black as Knight (Kenard Chronicles) by Moriah Jovan

Full disclosure: I am a personal friend of Moriah Jovan’s. She has never asked me to read a book for review. While she has given me some of her books free of charge, out of the goodness of her heart, I have gladly paid for this one and others not only because I like her […]


The Yarn Diet

Yes, I’m a fiberholic. I love yarn. I love knitting. (I used to crochet and now not so much as I prefer knitting.) And yes, like so many knitters, I have a stash. A large one. Large enough that it could definitely be classified as SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). I take some comfort […]